Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

Yes, it is Tuesday. And the moments come again and again and continue to as I put one foot in front of the other, trusting in the yesterday that gives way to today.

Transition is good but so hard. I am boxing up and storing away a lot of my things for a time. Not moving cities but homes.

Which always means letting go, leaving behind, and trusting the now and the future hopes to sprout and blossom in their season.

But for now means the tensions of the packing up and the resettling. The wobbly footing of the in-between.

And yet it is also the beautiful holding out of one season closing and a new one unfolding. It is remembering what has come in the four years living one place and the anticipation of what may be in the four years to come. It is remembering other times of change and transition and finding my secure footing in the One who has always prepared the way, gone before, provided, and helped release my heart into the new.

And so really the emptying gives way to the filling and it asks one thing.... T r u s t.

Trust in the old giving way to the new.

Trust in the closing up that gives way to the opening up.

Trust in the letting go giving way to the receiving.

Trust that He sees, He has, He holds, and He carries.

Even good change is hard change. And so I pack up and seal up these four years in this home and give thanks for the season ahead, however unknown, in a new home, with new roommates (the youngest thus far at 3 and 5 months!).

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness even when (or most especially when) I am tired, grumpy, a overstuffed bag of emotions, you are always good, secure, and strong.

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Anonymous said...

Out with the old and in with the new! Simplify and have a smooth move. P.S. I have your tickets now. RCS