Friday, September 6, 2013

Celebration Friday: What I Learned in August

Now you are going to experience some of my August and know why a blogging hiatus was in order! A LOT happened in August and with it I learned a few things. I'm linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky to share (and yes, I'm a week late but oh well).

1)  There's a reason I moved back to The Central Coast and no longer live in Tucson, Arizona. The heat destroys me! I become the wicked witch complete with what feels like melting skin and ornery attitude.
In August, I traveled out to North Carolina to visit my fabulous friend Kathy. We've been friends since 1998 and shared in a lot of life together--can it be that long ago that she was training me as a young, new CRU staff, we were setting our footing down at UNAM in Mexico City where she would eventually leave to become a full time missionary at the university?  Well all these experiences prepared us to handle the insane heat in Charleston, South Carolina.  Gosh, I adore this historic place! But man, oh man, 95 degrees in the summer with humidity helps me understand sweet tea, sun porches, but the joys of living on the West Coast!

2) My 4th grade giddiness of fishing returned. Camping with my church small group (and a special Saturday hottie guest) brought all the hook 'em and reel 'em joy back. Now, mind you, there was only the hooking of bright, sticky, eggy things and the joys of casting going on. Not one bite and little kiddos that reminded me fishing is for patient sportsmen. Or perhaps it's fishing cultivates patience!

3)  I learned life can throw curveballs and sometimes we need a bad situation to jolt us into a new situation. God uses it all! My friend Ben and I helped facilitate Storyline for a small group at our church. It was great to think about our lives as story and the unique way God brings about His kingdom purposes through our partnership. Ironically we had just taught about how God has two ways in going about moving our stories. One seems to be the tender, wooing embrace. It's the romance of God that draws us and turns us around to enter new things. And then, well, there's the second that sounds less inviting or comfortable and that's when he kind of jolts us (or uses the disruptive things and relationships around us) to help us reconsider so we'll be moved into the next space he has for us. I highly recommend grabbing some friends and entering the Storyline process together. It's a great starting point for some exciting little adventures!

4) Ducks can be pets too! Who knew? Meet Frankie and Vinnie my mafia duckies I'm petsitting. Now be warned, if you're considering ducks...they are messy little fellas!  But it's been delightful to hear them quacking and waddling around. I don't foresee ducklings in my pet future but this home and this opportunity has been a gift!

5) People come and go in your life but the kindreds, the besties are soul friends 'til the end! I love Lindsay and Elizabeth! What a j o y to have them meet my love and celebrate in what we're experiencing. There's something about praying, waiting, and trusting in community that bears an incredible joy and delight in fruition. The ladies are sacred traveling companions and I don't know where I'd be with out them!

Well those are just a few of the things I've learned. Woo! Full month! Have a great weekend choosing rest, enjoying loved ones, and celebrating the life God's given you.

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Anonymous said...

August was most exciting... September is turning out great too. Love, RCS