Monday, October 21, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

I think magical moments hit you unexpected. Let's be honest, we try to plan them but somehow in the planning the very magic we long for is drained. We're trying too hard.

That's why last night hit me so unexpected. Sure I had planned cartoons, treats, cuddles, story time--all the usual babysitting hoopla of an auntie with her niece but I did not foresee the sparkling beauty we'd discover.

Auntie and niece time became Auntie and friends. My friend and her daughter, who happen to live down the street, popped in for a short visit. Which lead to checking out the new room....Which lead to remembering and sharing about Saturday morning jewelry fun....
Which lead to spontaneous indoor "glamping trip"...Which lead to gathering stuffed animal "friends" to join in the fun...Which lead to rushing down the hall for flashlight and ukulele...Which lead to, well, magic!
Not just the sudden splendor of twinkling lights flickering about a darkened room. Not just the giggles of two little girls singing songs and getting swept up in the Sunday night fun. But the w o n d e r and i n t r i g u e of two adults remembering.
Remembering the gift of spontaneity in the midst of day to day responsibility.

Remembering the joy of silliness in the midst of the practical and important.

Remembering to get down on the ground and play in the midst of scurried preparations.

A thirty minute window of time that gave way to the magic, the sacredness, of this present moment.

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Anonymous said...

Some nice inspiring moments! RCS