Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflective Wednesday: Things I Learned in December

Well, it's been a little over a month now since I've posted anything. As you can imagine it's wedding central over here. Not to be trumped by Christmas buuuut let's just say there was a lot going on. So. Much. Good. But so, so much.

December was F U L L !

Full of J O Y. Full of F R U I T I O N. Full of L I F E.

So with out further adieu I present to you things I learned in December:

1)  I am totally, unequivocally in love with Mr. F! And beyond that love, I am totally, without a doubt excited to covenant in life together on February 21, 2014. He is for me and I am for him and together something beautiful is unfolding in that gradual union. Though I am not as foolish as to believe we will not have days, weeks, maybe even months of trials and struggles, in my heart of hearts I know the God who has lead and undergurded our lives in grace thus far has so, so much more to teach us and expand our hearts into through our marriage.
2)  I love white lights! I cannot, cannot get enough of them! The contrast between the dark and light is something I never tire of seeing. Which also means January makes me sad when all the sparkle goes away. But never fear, this gal's got a wedding and I just bet there will be some s p a r k l e !
3) I learned Susie Shaw can, in fact, be surprised! When I was a girl, I was simply terrible at Christmas. I snuck into my dad's wallet to read the list of what he bought. I stole the keys to my parents car and opened the trunk!? Horrible! Horrible! But this season I'm now two for two. I was surprised by Mr. F's engagement November 23 and by my friend Lindsay showing up as "guest assistant" the day of our engagement shoot. See those lovelies bookending us? The one by Mr. F is Lindsay. And that lovely on the far right next to me? Well that is Elizabeth, of www.elizabethray.com, who continues to * w o w * me with her talent! Forever grateful for that day spent together and the photos we have to commemorate it!
4) I learned Mr. F and his son are my family. We are becoming a unit. I know it seems like a no-brainer since we're getting married. But there's something about this in-between time that gives my heart room to settle into my new life.  My eyes welled up as my heart caught up to the truth watching them play ball with my nephew. My family... My family!
5) I'm not that into peppermint. Nope, just not that interested in it. Have your candy canes and peppermint bark. BUT I do love my chocolate dipped peppermint joe-joes! For some reason they fall into a whole different FA-LA-LA category for me.

6) I am a crazy deal hunter! I hate paying full price. I got our honeymoon package for over half off!!! Maybe I should start a wheelin' and dealin' bridal site? Seriously if there isn't free shipping, a percentage off, or some incentive I am likely to look elsewhere. By the way, Mr. F loves this about me!

7) I learned Christmas has only just begun for me, us, we! January will reveal more anticipation, preparation, and expectation as the wedding date draws near! Hurray for such a special season of life! We are savoring it! And while the blog may not be as often, I hope to pop in a bit more leading up to the BIG day!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2014! What an amazing second half to 2013. Love, RCS

Anonymous said...

I hope to see another blog from you now you are married!