Friday, May 16, 2014

The Gift of W e l c o m e

This is u s. Before we were o n e. The night before we said our sacred I DOs. I'm amazed I look that good?! Well love seems to give us a glow! But honestly....longest. day. of. my. life. Prepping for the big day, setting up tables, doing my little touches (my joy with special events! and this was MY special event so I love, love, loved it all coming together. And Mr. F? Spectacular set up partner!)

Any-hew, this is us arriving for our rehearsal dinner. Honestly, the joy and fullness of that night, of shared-in life being celebrated with family and friends, pretty much lifted our exhaustion and plummeted us into deep gratitude.
Who doesn't want to stand at the top of a staircase overlooking the holy-huddle of friends and family who have seen you through thick and thin, loved you well, challenged you, upheld you, prayed for you, and held the holy longing of the wait with you? Rob and I stood humbly overwhelmed by the community encircling us.
 Gathered round the table of goodness. His goodness. His portion. His perfect provision.

 Look at the life going forth in this h o m e.
 The comfort. The tenderness. "Oh taste and see, the LORD is g o o d."
And see this lovely lady...she created the s p a c e of welcome.

It's her home.

Sue and I work, partner, pray, live at Mission Thrift! We've laughed, cried, sought counsel, comforted, encouraged, grumbled, and waited over the last few years at that place. If you want to see a kingdom place, stop in the shop, l i f e goes forth there in some pretty incredible ways.

The thing about Sue is inviting others in, welcoming them at the table, and simply doing life together just IS with her. She can't not. She sees the outcast, she hurts for the broken, she welcomes the sinner....sounds a lot like Jesus.

So when it came time for the rehearsal dinner and I was lamenting on how expensive everything was and not knowing how on earth we were going to feed the multitudes....(ok the 50)...but still!? Sue very simply said, "Well let's have it at my house. Stop in and take a look again and see if it works."

YES! Have it at Sue's. The Lord had spoke to me early on in the wedding planning that He had a vision in mind--to work within His people and find the best in the land to offer their gifts to Him through serving.

And Sue is certainly the best in this SLOland of welcoming others.

Sue is beginning a link up on Tuesdays on her blog, in her words:
I love to write about the goodness of Jesus every week—and it doesn’t depend on my week. Oh, no. I find refuge even more if it’s been more than a tough one. I get that. God really gets that. And He welcomes us, open arms—that’s the refuge I’m talking about. He’s good, no matter what.

As you link-up, we will know God better and trust Him deeper through your taste buds! Love it! (And sounds “Delish,” as my daddy would say.)

Every Tuesday join the celebration of God’s goodness by linking your blog post of how you’ve tasted God’s goodness. He’s always ready to fill your plate, and loves it when we pass it on.
Tasting on Tuesdays

We dished up lasagna, pizza, bread sticks, caesar salad, and chocolate tortes for our evening of celebration.  The food was good but the company was great!

Thank you Sue, for being you! For your humor and fun, your desire to know and grow in our Lord, your faithfulness and devotion to your family and friends, the little things you do day-after-day to bring yummy foods and the comfort of your presence to others. You are loved.


Anonymous said...

It's been a great few months, surrounded and supported with so many friends and loved ones...
Enjoy the glow and have another fun weekend. Love, RCS

Becky Jones said...

Sue is a special person and to be in her home for your rehearsal dinner was great. That is the Sue that I have known for years.
Becky Jones