Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sacred Home

Decorating my home, our home has been soooo much fun! I've wanted for a long time to incorporate on the blog my love of pretty decor, repurposing, and color in the home but soul care and the home seemed like two subjects not very well connected?

However, the more I mature and integrate faith with everyday life I realize you can't separate the two. Who I am, what I believe, and how I live that out play out in not just the big things of faith--theology, ideology, morality but the little things, or what we would call little.  The more I integrate new life in the kingdom and conversational intimacy with God, the more I realize nothing is off limits for Him and everything is opportunity for faith.

God made me a creative being.

God has given me eyes to see space and re-create spaces.

God is honing this skill.

God is always giving me opportunities to partner with him in his creative work.

But here's the thing, we are all works in progress. As in, sometimes I get too attached to things looking good. Too attached to getting it just right. Too attached to creature comforts.

It doesn't mean they're horrible, it means my heart and what it does with them needs rerouting and renewal..

But I digress....

What I wanted to show you (and celebrate) is the evolution of my creativity and eye.  Now you'll have to understand these pics span a decade, looks have changed, and, dear Jesus, I hope I've changed.

Okay now look at this girliness...

So. Much. Purple.
I don't even like purple?

But I was seeking to repurpose some things I already had and make it work. It was the shabby-chic craze and I loved the softness it brought to my very intense ministry life in that season. I look at it now and it's just too much!

Then I was over it! Soooo over it.  I had a thing for pink and brown and found this shiny duvet at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (why I was there, I do not know? That place overwhelms me and drives me mad!?). 

So. Much. Pink. Two year old girls around the world will love me! I rocked both the pink and the purple. 

Oh, if you're wondering about those strange window treatments, you should be, they were my sister's centerpiece cloths at her wedding. Hey, I'm thrifty, clever, and sometimes ridiculous!
So. Much. Pink. Gack! But I thought the brown balanced it. See those chairs? Scored for $15 at Goodwill.  I still love those chairs.  Many soul care sessions took place in those chairs. 
See that wall? I was proud of myself for not painting it pink. Now I just see poop brown. But then I liked it!

I moved to SLO and pretty much just brought my same bedroom with me.
Then one night i just lost it! I was on a walk, reflecting on a HGtv show I had watched earlier that week.  It was about a single woman who's decor was too girly, too froo-froo. I was found out! I had to make room for the masculine !

(This is where you click on that post so you see what the heck I'm talking about...)

Now, I wish I had more pictures of how that room concept developed. I really loved it, but if I'm honest the overly girly started to creep back in. Which is why when we were registering, when Mr. F handed me the gun I ferociously stared him down, "You need to stop me! I'm gonna start getting all girly, too girly, and I need you to balance me out. I need the masculine!"
I. Need. You.

I need you to be you. If you are you, I will become the best version of me.

The beginnings of covenant.

Stay tuned to see how I've we've evolved and merged our styles to create something wonderful together, reflected in our h o m e.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I think all of your rooms and decorations
have been elegant and stylish... You have a definite knack and gift for decorating. Well done, Mrs. F.
Love, RCS