Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Desecration to Renewal: Our New H o m e

Given the title you'd think we'd bought a house, demolished it, and had built our dream home...Well, you could say all of that is a work in process, only the place is our hearts. Our hearts having become one, are now becoming one. 

Marriage requires two people to bring all their building assets and weak spots to the sacred space and lay them down, "Here. Here I am. Here we are. Master Craftsman, what might you build?"

These early months are delightful--learning the hidden places of my husband, holding his hand and catching his gaze across the room, running errands and going to bed together early because we can.  But lest you think these days are all rosy and perfect, you should know these wonderful gifts are completely disorienting!

Mr. F listens patiently and intently to my musings and ramblings about my inner life. What does my life with God look like now that there's you? What am I supposed to do with my soul care experiences and training now that, well, I'm not really doing it anymore? Do my friends hate me because I'm not available as much? Who am I and am I doing a good job in this new season?

The foundation I laid being ripped about and dug up, thrown here and there. Thrashing interior structures, debris flying everywhere!

My life.

My ego.

My familiar pressures and demands for production.

My kingdom.

Being. Demolished.

For if singleness revealed the new kingdom structure of identity in Christ, marriage is revealing the bedrock of interdependence and sharing the everyday graces of Christ with another.

For Christ never demolishes something he doesn't intend to rebuild--breathtakingly so!

And so I am learning to normalize the thrashing about and settle into my sure foundation. For I, we are rebuilding. We are showing up to today. We are bringing the elements of who we are and saying, "Yes, here I am, use me. Use me on behalf of the other. Mix and remake our life to be better than before."

The thrashing quiets and the new frame appears, the structure far more secure and spacious than before.

A new home. Us.

Tasting on Tuesdays

I'm linking up with Sue Donaldson over at Welcome Heart to share the many ways, each in our unique seasons and circumstances, are tasting and seeing...the Lord is good!


sue donaldson said...

love your new home - inside and out!! looking forward to sharing the blog tour with you on Monday next! and love your new life w/ Mr. F.

Anonymous said...

I really like your home. The bedroom bench is my favorite... Love to all. Dad