Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Soulful Home (Sacred Symbols)

Dark and light became a guiding image for our wedding and reception. Over the years both of us have experienced the reality of John 1:5. In our darkest His light came. 

Now His light is not always what we imagine...the clouds parting and the sun rays gleaming, rather it tends to show up hidden-like and in ever increasing g l o r y. Sometimes it burst forth out of nowhere, but often it's like the Central Coast in June. The fog overlays the light and the sun shines, you know it's there doing it's work but the darn fog comes and tries to dispel the light. But then the sun comes stronger, brighter, and the fog gets thinner but is still there until finally the sun shoots out and the fog just can't take it anymore and disintegrates leaving the warmth and brilliance of the light.
See those lights up above us? I l o v e them. They are part of the church we now go to. So when we landed on having the wedding there, we knew that would become a part of the celebration.

Now looky what we have here....

This is our living room. We've added two Edison lights. They look great! But more importantly they reflect something to each of us day-in and day-out. They remind us of that sacred night. They remind us of His light. They remind us of the light that has guided us out of the darkness. The light that has radiated and warmed our hearts. The light that illuminated us to one another. The light that has guided us and continued to guide us from engagement into marriage.

The light that will gleam and illumine how to love an 18 year old son. The light that will reveal and release us into creating new life and having a child. The light that will discern next steps and homes and jobs and trips.

And so when you come and sit in our home you may just see two fun lights. But we see a sacred symbol, a little of Jesus in our everyday, popping in to say Hi, I'm here. I'm with you. I'm for you. I'll lead you--now as I did then.
How are you making space for sacred symbols in your home? Have some fun...ask Jesus to reveal what they are? I promise you they're in your story. Once something has been revealed (a flower, a piece of art, a quote, a picture) do something about it. Put it somewhere where it will disrupt your day and draw your heart into His!

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Anonymous said...

I like those Edison Lights.. See you guys soon. Dad