Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Celebration

It's been so fun reminiscing about the wedding and the wonderful people God has written into our story. Gratitude does that you know? Spreads wide the roots of love and thanksgiving, deepens the heart space for joy and receiving, and blossoms into fragrant beauty that goes forth and opens others up to grace and acceptance. 

Thanking God and simply remembering His good gifts (yes, even the waiting and ache that tilled the soil for harvest) is all part of the journey of learning how to live in the new life. He is g o o d, so good! And when we live in the moment and receive the gifts he is offering now, we're able to trust Him with some of the longings and desires that are still simply seedlings of h o p e. We see His goodness and graces in the now so we trust him more for the not yet. Ann Voskamp wrote a whole gloriously good book on this, so if you'd like to linger here a bit pick up this summer read.

Gang! Is your calendar chalk-full of a bunch of special occasions this month? Ours is packed! So many wonderful people, milestones to be celebrated, and presents to be given. Love. It.

Here's a few things we celebrated this week.

This lovely niece turned 9! How it is possible I do not know. Wasn't I holding my sister's hand in that hospital room just weeks ago, looking into her eyes and thinking...This. Is. Happening. And now here we are with this confidant, smart, gracious little girl. We had ice cream cake that was divine!

And these guys could care less about American Girls, but, hey, why not begin their entrepreneurial endeavors pitching American Guys?

 This little bug is walking a bit and discovered her tongue!
These two are still celebrating wedded bliss and the joy of life together! They're on their way to this girl's big day....

My step-son's girlfriend graduated. Graduation! Now that seems like forever ago and then in a weird way a few months back...Isn't time funny? 

Milestones are God's gift of pause. To remember. To take in. To accept. To bravely face what's next.

Praying you and yours have a beautiful weekend, trusting Our Lord with the now and not yet. Trusting his goodness. Trusting the inner ache. Trusting what you don't know is ahead will be okay holding his hand, eventually okay, but he is good. In the the the the mountaintop. He. Is. Good.

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Anonymous said...

HE is very good... What great, beautiful people and kids! Love to all. RCS