Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Collapsing into F a l l....

Ah, can you feel it? Fall is coming....

I once said this to one of my best friends, Elizabeth, who grew up on the East Coast and she rolled her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Apparently Californians have a very different picture of the signs of fall than others!

But I feel it....the sun is setting earlier, the light is shifting in the sky, the clouds are coming more readily, and I pray, dear God, some rain will visit us soon.

This week I'm laying low and enjoying the quiet moments. I'll be back to blogging next week.  So in the meantime.....

Lord, draw us ever nearer with the vastness of your g r a c e.  Help us s l o w  d o w n to hear and respond to you in the quiet. May we not react but respond, and rejoice when we actually do it. Help us hush when the temptations to fill the s p a c e and awkward come. Teach us to be sensitive to your Spirit and enter one another's hearts with life-words...for you are there.

Bless your weekend friends!

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