Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I Learned in August

Today I'm linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky to talk about what I learned in August. Here it is in no particular order....

1.  Events like baby dedications, always catch me off guard in how they merge the ordinary (family, kids rumbling about, loud chatter) and sacred (setting apart a little one to Jesus, extending your hand in faith and commitment, cherishing the sacred invitation you've been given to love this little one and her parents well).  All my family sat in the front and worshipped together. Moments like that are rare and so, so special!

2.  I love to watch my friends kiddos. Having Mr. F around to join in the fun makes it that much better. Slides are awesome! But somehow, they don't last as long as an adult?

 3.  It's true! You gain weight in your first year of marriage. Bummer.  I guess something in you relaxes and says I am loved no matter what, more cookies please!
 4. In the same way I dashed into my Grandma's bedroom and put all her jewelry and fancy clothes on, my niece now associates our home with bling. It never gets old and that little girl in me has not gone away! Doesn't Mr. F look fancy?
 5. Quilts make great tablecloths! This idea will make it's way into our dinner parties!  Speaking of which in August I decided I WILL host a dinner party by the end of this year!

6.  I learned (well relearned) what an extraordinary privilege it is to be a step-mom. Eric is a kind, fun-loving, tender, welcoming soul who brings so much into the world. He is also teachable, open, and in he learns from his mistakes and is growing in wisdom.  What a humbling and beautiful gift it is to co-parent with Mr. F. We cherish this season as he transitions to leaving the nest.
7. When Downton Abbey is not available (dying for Season 5) we turn to Call the Midwife for our BBC fix. Its a simpler story but I never tire of watching those babies be born and I'd like to think I'm learning some things along the way should we be blessed to have our own.

Well there you have it....what I learned in August!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just hopping over to see what you learned in August.
I have yet to watch Call the Midwife but I really want to get into it-- we are big time DA fans over here.
AND, I LOVE the quilt tablecloth photos-- can't wait to try that! we eat out on our front porch table a lot and that is so cute!
Thanks for sharing-- glad to meet you and your blog!