Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things You Learn When Your Back Goes Out...

  • I am very dependent on my back to hold me up, get me places, and function normally.
  • I need family and friends to hold me up (literally and figuratively)!
  • Self-employed individuals should sign up for elective California State Insurance prior to suffering a chronic back condition which requires a leave of absence...sigh.
  • I like my mobility.
  • A comfortable, firm bed is important.
  • Cold weather is not your friend.
  • When people say stay in shape it's not just so you can look like a supermodel!
  • Time off seems attractive when you're working but when you have time off and your mobility is off it's not so exciting.
  • Movies are not just entertainment they are medicinal!
  • People's values are not necessarily your values, so patience is a virtue when you can't "get 'er done yourself"
  • Slowing down is not so bad, I am not a machine.
  • Being in need is vulnerable (and necessary).


Anonymous said...

Hoping you'll be better soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we hope you're feeling well again by the New Year! With love, The Old Folks Home in Santa Maria

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it you're well enough to make and bake some really delicious Christmas cookies!! MMMMM

Susie said...

thanks everyone. the body is rebalancing over time (o;