Monday, October 22, 2012

Sacred Moment Monday

Scurried weekend. Soul Care Workshop Saturday, out pouring His life and the way of life. I am left spent and awed. Sunday baby shower. Creating beauty, celebrating life.

And now it's Monday. Monday is not scurried, not running, not planning, not pouring it out. Today is only for being.


The rain drops fall drip by drip. The leaves rustle as the gentle breeze swooshes by.  All these nuances of creation showering down truth from the creator.

Stop. Do not arrange. Do not perform. Do not grasp or clamor. 


Nothing today.

So I sit. Abiding in the stillness, letting the heart meander in and out from the weekly happenings into the moment.

I rest. Rest that for today this is all I have. Replenishment and renewal. Eyes staring out the window reminded, drip by drip, today is for me.

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