Friday, December 7, 2012

Celebration Friday

Last weekend, at my retreat in Arizona with Journey Companions Ministries, we encountered the Lord together.

There is something so simple and profound about image bearers gathering to talk with their Lord.

How sacred to be invited into someone's relationship with Christ.

I'm struck at how much Jesus longs to meet with us. Not just individually but as a community of believers.  To be collectively invited into God's heartbeat and ache for His people.

S t u n n i n g.

I am not much of a prayer team kind of gal.  I pray but I've never been, "Oh, prayer and fasting it's changing my life."  One day, I hope this will reflect my life more.

Now you may be asking, "What do you mean? You just spent two days in Tucson praying the whole time? How are you not a prayer team kind of person?"

See here's the thing.  We pray. Yes.  But it's not us approaching God for all our needs or talking about our trials (which honestly is often how my prayer times with Him can go).  Rather we worship Him, quietly listen within to what He's speaking back, and offer it out into the community.

And what unfolds is rather a m a z i n g.
The Lord, the God of the Universe, begins to reveal through His people some things on His heart for us.

As we enthrone him, we find rest for our weary souls.

He told us how he longs for child-like faith to be restored in us.  He reminded us that he is the Good Shepherd that guides, carries us when we've been wounded, even breaks our legs so we don't wander off into harm.  He then drew us in as the Bridegroom, reminding us to hold tight to our first love, remember his great affection for us, and live in our Belovedness.

Weekends like these unfold slowly.  And somewhere between Friday and Sunday I come to realize that what I encounter here will be drawn upon for weeks and weeks to come.

Alone and apart.  "Come away with me.  Come find rest for your weary soul."

Seems it's how he always does it. Pulling us away like John, Peter, and James and then bringing us back into our lives to dwell in, offer, and live out His life among us.

Today and going into the weekend I celebrate U N I O N. That with a breathe and a prayer I can have communion with G O D. Just like that!

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Anonymous said...

Yes,celebrate... and have a great weekend with your fun
old friends! Love, RCS