Thursday, January 31, 2013

Celebration Friday

Sleepovers and watching S T A R  W A R S ! ! ! with the niece and nephews. By the way a lot of good and evil questions and, of course, straight up awesomeness!

Lightsaber fights. The force is strong in these young jedis!
Daddy-in-the-Dark! When I was a girl my dad would play this game with my siblings and I. We loved turning out all the lights (well, besides the kitchen where Mum was hanging out, well... cleaning up), finding our secret hiding spots, and hearing those haunting words, "Daaaaaddddyyyy in the dark! Daaaaddddyyyy in the dark! Fe, fi, fo, fum..."


What fun now that my sister's kiddos play it!

So here's to c e l e b r a t i n g the weekend and, of course, THE 49ers!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping host the Big Sleepover. Susie-In-The Dark sounds does sound more modern and exciting!
I hope to see you soon.... I love you...Dallas Dad