Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebration Friday

This week I'm celebrating two hour cuddles with this one...

Creating pretty little vignettes that s p a r k l e & s h i n e.

And this Mama....

What? You didn't know Snow White was my mom!?  

Well she is.
Oh, and that's the prince she met near a castle. Okay, in a train but it was near a palace, Buckingham. Well not really, but Buckingham is in London.

Okay, back to the fairest of them all.

Growing up she smelt like fresh flowers, practically hummed her words (hello, British accent), gave us good apples to eat (and plenty of fluoride, mouth wash, and floss to keep evil cavities away), and whistled while she worked. Okay, maybe not whistling but she tried to make cleaning up creative. Slogans like, "pick up don't pass by" and "basket fairies" that came in the night to pick up little peoples toys. These toys were held captive in the basket until said little people started following directions and picked up after themselves.

The kingdom grew, and grew, and grew.
And still kept growing...
All because this mother maiden chose l i f e.  To live it, grow into it, learn from it, and birth it and now that life is expanding as life does.

But Mom's legacy, far beyond the kingdom of this world, points to the Kingdom of the Son.  The kingdom of shared life with God, joyful expectation, and intimate union with the Savior

Happy Mother's Day to the fairest Mum of all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great blog. Happy Mother's Day to all our
wonderful, spirit filled, fun loving moms.... Dad Shaw

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susie for this blog which is such a nice tribute to me and our family!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely message.