Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

Today I'm thinking about God's creativity. Not just the beauty and sacred spaces I reflected on Monday, but just how intentional, patient, and creative He is in the "working out of [our] salvation."

I work at a thrift store.  In a million years I never thought a thrift store could bring with it so much personal and creative satisfaction.  I have a team that is kind, generous, patient, and hard working.  I have customers I adore and customers that drive me crazy! I have days I leave thinking, "I can't believe I get paid to do this...decorate, connect, create, play." I also have days I leave thinking, "This is a crazy world. What was _______ and _________ all about?"

That's where God comes in.

Don't you think he is just about the most creative guy ever?  That he perfectly works out our rough edges along with the beauty being revealed in the midst of our circumstances and environments?   No one place, thing, or job is all good. It's just not.  It's human and divine.  Fun and hard.  Exciting and scary.  Life is tensions.  It's learning to embrace those tensions and learn from them. And sometimes learning to leave them. But I believe it can all be used in our spiritual (trans)formation.

I love my job.  But I'm also glad it's not my only outlet. It's not the place I find ultimate identity and purpose. It's a colorful place, with beautifully messy characters.  Why I'm so surprised that my ick comes up within (and make no mistake about it, it comes out affecting others) is beyond me?  How do I expect God is going to keep me humble, teach me about myself, and bring up the dross to purify the gold?

R e l a t i o n s h i p.

The day in and day out interchanges with humanity.

God is so creative in the way He teaches, rebukes, guides, corrects, admonishes.... He brings things around us to illustrate or pinpoint a place within He wants to touch. Brilliant!

So let me ask you, how is God using your environment--workplace, community, routine, to (re)form you?

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