Friday, May 17, 2013

Celebration Friday

This is one of those weeks where things got canceled, rearranged, put on hold, and here we are--Friday!

So it's time to celebrate my week!

I never tire of these guys....

I walked everyday so far....hurray! And, I even stopped to play.

I finally got to invite you guys to my house.

I get to speak with the young lovelies of CRU Saturday. It's such a gift and honor to go back to Crusade and offer from this season of life.  I have grown so much from that 20 year old at UCSB and I look forward to sharing about how Jesus continues to meet me deeply in my questions, failures, longings, and day-to-day life.

Have a great weekend gang!


Anonymous said...

Yes, have a great weekend! ** RCS
P.S. Love that picture in the backyard of all six kids,
especially that rowdy looking Westly!

Anonymous said...

You certainly got going early!
I love all the pictures of your little friends.