Friday, June 21, 2013

Celebration Friday

It's Friday already? This week flew and that possible?

My small group had a BBQ last weekend and it filled me up with linguica, tri-tip, ice cream, and l o v e & f u n  with these kiddos!

Thanks to these hosts....
This week was full at work then prepping for the memorial, but can I just say how t h a n k f u l  I am for these folks--my weekly small group--and their help.  For someone who struggles with the lie that she is alone, it's up to her, and "make-it-work" regardless of the cost on her, I feel so genuinely loved when friends share in it with me.  It's a simple thing but in a kingdom way it's truly no simple thing. It means each part helping and coming alongside the other part. It means disempowering old strongholds and bringing my heart into rightful order in it's understanding and reception of love--shared in l i f e !
So thank you friends! I am blessed to participate in life with you.

I am also celebrating this love.
How blessed am I? by this friendship that started out at a thrift store and a desired set up with her brother, which turned into lingering, soulful coffee house chats and one stunning new adoption into the Father's family. Soul sisters! And might I say, it's so great to be able to laugh and laugh with someone and then shoot right into a deeply personal and spiritual question or observation.  G I F T !

Oh and, did I mention, this fuchsia lovely fluttering by at the BBQ? I've never seen a fuchsia breasted hummingbird, have you? I tried and tried to get her to hold still but dear little thing fluttered away as I got to close, I suppose as all beauty tends to do when vulnerable.
And how about these nails for good measure?  Let's celebrate blinged out fingers! It started out a mistake as I only wanted to do the ring finger.  But this girl was too engrossed in some t.v. show and she ended up doing them all. Well, at least it turned into a fun tale as I told my friend's daughter a fairy flew over my nails and sprinkled pixy dust. Imagine that!?
 Oh, and let's celebrate beautiful flowers during summer! Seriously does it get any better?
Yea, my friend Karyn has a pretty fab little garden going on in her backyard. Oh, to be patient enough to garden. One day...
Well here's to the weekend--living in the tension of a life cut too short and grief made bearable knowing this was her temporary dwelling--as it is all of ours--and she is dancing in the garden, fluttering free, fully seen as      
b e a u t i f u l in the gazing eyes of J e s u s.


Anonymous said...

The flowers and friends all seem in bloom.. Have a great weekend... Love, RCS

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