Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

Today I'm thinking about l o v e.  I'm thinking about the best friendships and relationships and marriages and families.  I'm thinking about the captivating beauty of lives that can settle into one another. Lives that slowly but surely don't have to show off but can r e s t in l o v e.

I'm sighing at the old couple holding hands, not saying a word, not having to.

I'm remembering the two little kiddos vroooming down the halls with their toy cars, giggling and laughing and discovering the simple joys of p l a y.

I'm watching those two at the dinner table inching their chairs a little closer and a little closer as the s a f e t y and b l e s s i n g of each others company blossoms.

I'm listening to voicemails from a besties catching you up on their lives and talking to you so frankly and bubbly it's as if they already knew the question you're about to ask.

I'm tasting rich, dense, chocolatey cake goodness that becomes make-shift breakfast all because a friend knows your little joys and makes time in her day to bring over a piece.

And beyond the gestures and special moments, I'm thinking about the ordinary. The moments that we don't catch, the moments that just are because l o v e is holding us near. Not suffocating, not stifling, not burdening simply moment-by-moment being made available for the taking.

All these gestures, all these generous, kind, moments of s p l e n d o r  we only sometime's catch in human love are merely the dazzling remnants, the alluring waft of the Trinity's l o v e for us for a l l  e t e r n i t y. 

L o v e  that is settled in, not going anywhere, can't be pushed out, can't be shut down, won't give up, won't disappoint, won't compare, simply put s e t t l e d in to stay.


Join in!




Be our guest!

Be my child...

Be my Beloved...

Be my friend...

Be me to the world....

Love. True Love.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, celebrate the 4th, summer, and all that she has to offer.