Monday, July 1, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

The weather is still hotter than usual here in SLO and so I find myself again, on my day off, relaxing here:
Thank you Jesus for family with homes cooler than mine (and it helps that this little bundle of cuteness is there to enjoy!)

As I was sitting here I began to wonder, "Lord, what is my sacred moment today?" When suddenly my sister exclaimed, "Piggy is down here!"
Yup. That little piglet was sitting near the mantle which meant one thing: Emma was sleeping without her beloved friend. Her bestie. Her constant. Her comfort.

Little Em is growing up. Big day for this little toddler.
Which makes me think of life with God. I think we have our toddler years, early adolescence, teenager years, and adulthood with Him as well. As Paul says, we move from spiritual milk that is beautiful, sacred, and necessary for our nourishment into "meatier" things in our life in the Kingdom.  Sadly, meatier things has often meant spiritual haughtiness and pride in the church. The "I am doing so-and-so's inductive bible study method, what are you doing? Are you in the Word?" Rather than the spiritual adulthood of owning lowliness, humility, learning from mistakes, and becoming like Christ rather than the I know this, this, and this about Christ, aren't I mature? Honestly it points more to childishness and fear when we flaunt our knowledge rather than matter of factly live in it.

So perhaps the intensive bible study methods we once needed to build the biblical foundation for our life in Christ are now transitioning into a more meditative or devotional approach. Or the intensive accountability we once sought in an area is no longer as necessary and we now transition into shepherding others in that area.  Or at one time learning to share our faith and testimony was critical but now it just oozes out of our very being in the moments of our every day.

In essence, we leave our piggies.  It doesn't mean that "piggy" isn't still valued and important part of our story, it's just that now comfort, care, and companionship are coming in new ways. Ways that require making new friends as well as keeping the old.

So what new friends are you making in your spiritual growth?


Kate Laymon said...

I really liked this analogy. Thank you Susie for your words. I'm experiencing this in some ways as a new mom. Although, some days my "piggy-like" quiet times feel like they've been ripped from me rather than maturely surrendered and I tantrum. But God is growing me up too and showing me His companionship not only comes in the form of "quiet times". But his companionship is there while I'm doing the dishes, as I look above the sink and through a little note card, He reminds to come to him, give him my burdens and rest. Or He's there while I simply feel the wind blow my hair back while I'm taking my son for a walk.

Susie Shaw said...

And I love watching you experience this with Him!