Monday, July 22, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

Her inquisitive eyes look on me, "Are you afraid to be happy?"

I fall back in the old love seat overcome by the direct cut. The heart aching place her curiosity quickly pierces.

Am I afraid to be happy? Afraid to receive the gift of another's affection and adoration. Afraid to be covered, carried, cared for.

"Oh Margaret...It's just I want to be wise. I don't want to make the same mistakes."

"So you don't want to hurt again."

I sit in this most tender of places. Held snuggly by the many chairs and love seats that have been offered during crushes, break ups, unrequited loves, and hope deferred.

"Susie, you need to be warmed. Just cause the fire's burned you doesn't mean you don't go near the fire again. The fire keeps you warm."

This from my 91 year old friend. Wisdom hard won. L i f e spilling out.

My Monday with Margaret.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed our recent visit with Margaret. Thanks for your kindness to her. RCS

Anonymous said...

Margaret is right!