Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

Today I'm thinking about humility. The uncomfortable, battle of the soul to soften, submit, and become rightly ordered once again before God.

We take over, don' we? We get the dance steps all wrong on partnership's floor.  We take over the lead and forget this dance is one of unison. For this dance is not a solo, no, we dance as one.
He belongs in the lead. And as all good leaders, he lives to bring out the best and most beautiful in his partner. For his joy is displaying beauty!

But will we trust? Will we soften our steps which have known years of stubborn footing? Will we open our arms w i d e and fluid, to be moved by     g r a c e?  Will we trust his strength to hold us in the twirls and lifts of f a i t h?

And will we forgive and find rest, when the imperfect stumbles and trips come? That He will set our feet straight. He will reinterpret and bear the fault? Will we move our downcast eyes of guilt and shame back into the gaze of g r a c e and the strong hands of l o v e?

Dance with me....Don't look down. Look at me. Let me carry you....

For the dance of faith is hauntingly beautiful for the captivated audience who looks in. For some it is wearying, as they pine for the solo, the moves left to only one.

Let me teach you this dance, the splendor and beauty of the duet.  For I will move you and carry you in ways you never thought possible.

The eternal soundtrack plays as I hold his hand and look deep within those eyes of g r a c e.

Shall we?

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Anonymous said...

I hear a beautiful melody-a symphony... played for you.