Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebration Friday

Happy Friday folks! The air is crisp with fall and the boots have made their debut! Hurray! There are happy girls everywhere celebrating the *new* wardrobe making its autumn entrance.
This has been a rather chill week.  I'm celebrating no emergency root canals, no sleepless nights, no thing-to-thing running raggedness.  This week felt goooood! Like things were slowing down and a new rhythm began to emerge. Hip, hip hooray!

This week I'm celebrating Pinterest, yes Pinterest, because it fills me up with creative ideas, beauty, and truth.  Yes, I said truth. Now there is some wonky stuff on it for sure, but I follow some pretty amazing people who have a whole lotta goodness to spread. Some of my favorites pins were:

I'm celebrating a very memorable weekend watching the Stanford Cardinal go at it against the Washington Huskies winning by the hair of their chinny chin chins 31-28. It was awesome! Great seats, great company, and great food!

People! Wonderful Mr. F had never had pazookie?!  I finally got the courage to ask why it was called a pazookie. Answer: made like a pizza but with cookie dough. Duh?!

Finally, I'm thankful for seasons. Not just the literal season slowly making her entrance as autumn does, but seasons of life. I'm in a season of receiving. God gave me that word for the year, receive, and boy is he blowing me away with it. I am caught up in the winds of grace with showers of joy. It's all a gift to be received with thanksgiving. 

Oh, how much more exciting life is when we open our hearts to receive His g r a c e !

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! Now go make some pazookie!


Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend. Now live it up again.Celebrate
in a new outfit.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fine autumn has begun. Those boots look just right for a lot of walking and trick or treating.