Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebration Friday

Happy All Saints Day!

Happy Birthday to my little brother, who is not so little anymore, but will always be littler to me. You are the grand finale in our family,the boy wonder, our china boy, batman sensation, mugga-mugga companion, Wonka wonder, Clue celebrator, and Dad's best friend. Love you Michael!
Common' people....look at those curls! And, the wacky sisters God entrusted him to!

Happy "Day After" Halloween! Seriously had sugar hangover last night. The bin of candy at work (that has been hidden away all week only to be picked at daily), mysteriously was emptied of every package of Dots and Laffy Taffy?! Hmmmm....a Mission Thrift Store mystery! Then, last night the kiddos were not so subtly reminded of Auntie Sue's favorites so as to partake in their loot!

Mr. F was such a good sport and really got in to the festivities with me! I'm tellin' ya people, God really knows how to pick 'em!  What a blessing to share in my lifelong joy of dressing up with someone who wants to join in it with me. We had two parties this week.

Do the hustle! So great! Do you see those ridiculous plaid pants he's rockin? And my hair was a rats nest and took two handfuls of conditioner to get to combing status. My brother saw this pic and asked, "Where's you get that ridiculous wig!" Ha!
Now I gotta admit, I was pretty impressed with how Mr. Scarecrow turned out.  He is my perfect traveling companion.

And of course the little munchkins were in rare form. Wait who am I kidding? They were in their usual playful, silly, gregarious form ready to take on the world trick-or-treating.....

And, I found my Toto!
What a great week! God the giver of every good and perfect gift! So very thankful that he wants to share in all of it and enjoys me celebrating His generosity. And, of course, He wants to share in it with you, so take a little time to p a u s e, take in your l i f e, and c e l e b r a t e with Him!

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Rosie said...

Amazing photos! What a wonderful and special group
of people-and characters... Rob and you should go on tour! Love, RCS