Monday, November 4, 2013

Sacred Moment Monday

Most days when I approach this keyboard and look at the blank screen I p a u s e to ask, "Jesus where have you been popping up? How has the sacred been colliding in my everyday?"

I sit. Still. Scattered. Waiting. Wondering.

I'll pop over to Facebook. Take in a couple songs from Pandora.

I get nervous. Wondering if there's anything left? Anything worthy still to be said and offered to you?

Perhaps it brings up mostly my uncertainty about me? Is there anything good and beautiful here to be given?

It makes me think of b e a u t y. The truest, most tender and vulnerable parts of ourself. They come unexpected, don't they?

Now we see in part, then we will see in full....

The parts I see of beauty in me come and go like the Pacific's tide. Or perhaps I'm too close, too caught up in the flow, to see what flows out and draws in others.

And this is what makes beauty perhaps most beautiful--the unknowing.

When I get completely caught up in a moment so as to lose awareness that anyone has to see. Letting go of my clenched fist that cowers in familiar fear I will be looked over and forgotten.

Beauty blossoms in the quiet confidence that I am chosen. I am seen. I am desired. I am loved.

Blissfully unaware that the reason I can blossom here is because I am s a f e.

Safe in His grace. Safe in His love. Safe in his knowing.

My Lover's arms spread w i d e. His relentless pursuit ever increasing His pace. He cannot get to me fast enough.

Beauty unfolding from the once clenched, closed petals.

Beauty releasing the fragrance stored up from a long winter.

Beauty inviting others to take a deep b r e a t h e in, "Taste and see, the Lord is good!"

Beauty--captivating, unexpected, playfully unaware--beauty!

Ever unfolding, always drawing, becoming fully myself, beauty.

Like the blank screen once before me, I am stunned by it's graces--Beauty is there. Trust that it is. Live though it is. I AM and so you are....

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