Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reflective Wednesday

I'm coming out of the woods.

What is it about being sick? Suddenly I'm forced to face my limits. To get in bed, shut it all down, and settle in for a long winter's nap. But it's doesn't feel all cozy and cute like that at all! I get bored, feel off, see life through the skewed lens of ailment.

"You are alone."

"You could be doing x, y, and z with this time."

"You're not really sick just lazy."
Are you with me?

Wonky stuff emerges in our hearts when our circumstances are such.  All we see are the trees in the forrest, the dim light, the dense fog and small glimpses of light.  That's when the disappointment and boredom really sets in. My heart lifts thinking, "Yippee, the light! I'm feeling better!" Then the fog covers it again and I begin to question if things will ever really feel different again?

I. Will. Be. Sick. Forever.

Ha! Such impatience. Aren't we such impatient creatures?

And here's the thing....God uses it a l l to renew, breathe l i f e, and restore a kingdom mindset within us!


No, I don't like being sick. No, I don't think sickness was originally part of the design.

But, yes, I have a God who meets me in it. Yes, I have a God who reminds me in my circumstance, "It's okay to 'waste some time' with me." A God who brings comfort through chicken noodle soup and orange juice for days. A Giver who provides nutrients for body and soul and a daily supply of g r a c e to see me though.
So if you are sick, just entering the woods or just beginning to come out, I pray p e a c e over you, I pray you would live in and embrace your limits, I pray you would r e c e i v e from the Great Physician's hands and make peace with your finiteness.  I pray you would celebrate glimpses of light and be kinder to yourself when the fog descends.

For autumn is beautiful outside, but there is beauty yet still in the woods of our heart, yes, even there!


Rosie said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. Take it easy and try to get lots of sleep and fluids to make you better.
With love,
P.S. the old fashioned remedy of chicken soup works!

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll be recovering soon. We love you. All our best to Rob. See you next week for a wonderful Thanksgiving together.... Dad