Thursday, July 24, 2014

V a c a t i o n

Ahhh vacation!

Back in my CRU days, I remember talking to a college student who was trying to convince me vacation was a selfish act and no where in the bible does it talk about it so therefore it's not a godly practice. He went on to explain how his dad hadn't taken a vacation and how the family does mission trips instead.

God bless 'em!

I'm not going to argue that point here, but I will say the Lord once had me take an entire summer off with the assignment to rest, play, and know Him more in it.

It was one of the hardest and most enjoyable assignments of my life!


P L A Y....

Know Him....

And that's a lot of how our annual vacation to Lake Tahoe went.

Only this time....yup! was with this hottie!

Do y'all see those calve muscles? I digress....

Tahoe has become a familiar place with it's own landmarks, scents, and feel. Driving in, seeing the pine trees, watching the scurrying squirrels, taking in the expanse of the lake, looking up to the majesty of those mountains, my soul takes a deep b r e a t h e.

I see it and marvel. Vacation unlike any other space in my life gifts me with her freedom and ability to be present to my surroundings. It's God whispering, "See. See this! See that! Isn't it beautiful? My glory revealed. My craftsmanship displayed. Enjoy! Take it in. Breathe it in. It's yours. Our shared joy."

I wish these pauses happened more in the everyday, but I'm a work in process believing little by little I'm slowing down to r e c e i v e  what's right before me.

Just look at that gorgeous lake we hiked up to tucked away between the mountain ridges...who knew?

And these cuties who light up our life, ask us to take ourselves a little less seriously, and keep us present to the moment.

You better believe they were giddy to have Uncle F there to play and splash in the pool everyday!

And for good measure look at this foreign substance that fell from the sky? Pitter-pat, pitter-pat.
Ahhh, glorious.

It's the little things people. The little moments, the unexpected pitter-pats, that hope to get our attention, "Taste! See! I am g o o d."

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