Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I Learned in July

Today I'm linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky to share "What I Learned in July." So, let's begin:

  1. I love getting a tan. Plain and simple. Mom, be proud, I use SPF 30 now but I still get some color! I just feel sexier and prettier tan. Bamm! There it is!

  2. Road trips with Mr. F are so, so nice. I spent many a miles in the car by myself over the years and it's just so nice to have someone by your side to talk to or be silent with.
  3. On said road trip we listened to TED talks. I LOVE Ted talks! I married a man who loves Ted talks! I think we will raise a family on Ted. This one is still my favorite:
  4. I like to know what's ahead and feel in control. This costs me. God has been speaking to Mr. F and I about our future, this blog, creativity and what faith looks like vs. fear. We started listening to a Brene Brown series about lovely topics like shame, fear, scarcity, vulnerability, and courage. It's blessed and disrupted as all good teaching does. 
  5. Fireworks are the best when you dedicate a firework to someone. (a.k.a. "the newlywed" "the auntie" "the uncle" "the Coco."
  6. Look who came off the shelf... I'm hesitant to even share about it because I have so many fears and critic voices to push through. But last night something came over me in the shower as I thought of the demands and expectations that swirl about within and how I let the voices steel my j o y. So I dried off, put on my jammies, and marched in to Mr. F, "I want to read some of my book to you." Bamm! There it was. It was heavy, hard, beautiful, and holy.
  7. The color of our year is aqua. Both Mr. F and I are having a love affair with it. Just look at his hat? So we were in hog heaven when we saw this...
Mr. F's big brother and nephew have spent the last few years rebuilding this 1955 GMC. They've decided to give it to us for a late wedding gift? HA!? Seriously people, so, so p r e t t  y!

Wow, July you have been full and meaningful. Summer is such a gift! But I also struggle to fully r e c e i v e it. I waste so much of her precious generosity with Facebook, emails, shame, and shouldas and oughtas, what if I chose a different path? What if I hear those old storylines and instead didn't give in to the pull? What if I woke up and said, "Nope. Not today. Not now. I choose ______ this day!"

Jesus, help me here. I need you.

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