Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come Away with Me

I have just finished checking my email, paying my bills, lookin' in on facebook statuses for the day and know it is time...time for you....

What to write about?

Pandora plays in the background.  (ah yes, wonderfully glorious, ever-so mood setting my "Joshua Radin" station).

There she is Norah.


And the short lyrics say it all, "Come away with me."

Though when I hear those words it's not Norah singing.

It brings me back to a sacred and broken time in my life when a significant friendship was turned upside-down, a move was in the makings for work, and I was excited and unsettled all at the same time about the prospects.

Both the friend situation and the move brought up my struggle to cling to what is known rather than trust in the unknown and the One who guides and directs my days...for good.

I didn't like it.  It pulled up all the stuff I liked to keep undercover (anger, fear. neediness, jealousy...)

And there, in the midst of the yuck were not hers but His words, "Come away with Me..."

Like somehow he was enough for all those places in me.  He saw.  All of it.  More of it than I am even capable of taking in.  And in spite of it or perhaps because of it longed for me all the more.  To meet me in my place of _______ (fill in the blank) and love me there, right there, in those unsettled places.

Doesn't it seem too good?

Which is why it takes a long time (a very long time) for this little heart to take hold of that kind of love.

So every time I hear that song, in whatever state my heart may be in, I enjoy Norah for a bit but my heart jumps to the real voice of love and I think, "Really?  Really?  You still long for me to come away with You?"


What a kind.  Generous.  Persistent.  Friend.

Listen for him.  He shows up in the most unexpected places.

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Anonymous said...

Love that song and love you. RCS